REBGLO – Bringing Revolution in the Crypto-Mining Process

Cryptocurrency mining is a process that offers authenticity and security to the blockchain trading process, making it an integral aspect of blockchain technology. However, there are certain factors that plague the efficiency of existing cryptocurrency mining process including:-

The internal impacting factor is the loss of valuable data during the processing stage of cryptocurrency mining. Ineffective data reading and reconstruction results in loss of hash rates.

The external factor impacting the mining process is the disproportionate consumption of electricity that inadvertently affects mining profitability.

REBGLO Mining System works towards extending an effective solution to the aforementioned inefficiencies of the mining process via Data Transmission System (DTS) technology. The technology intends to offer reliable solutions to the issues associated with scalability and reduce the excessive power consumption in the cryptocurrency mining process.

Benefits of DTS Technology

Enhanced Computing Performance

DTS provides essential data for processing on the main memory and incorporates it with instruction parallelization in the mining process,  that notably boost the operation performance.

Increased Mining Speed and Revenue

DTS technology allows miners to obtain mining income at higher levels.

HETTARER Technology – Improving Efficiency

REBGLO has developed an unconventional electromagnetic sticker that labels elementary particles into a constitution environment. The assorted particles create a shielding sheet that resists electromagnetic noise, critical factor impacting durability of the battery. These stickers have an average lifespan of 90 days. The technology basically reduced the high-frequency transmitting from electronic devises and optimize the functioning of the requirements. This further increases the power storage speed and ameliorates the power generation efficiency

The HETTARER Sticker

It was first designed in Japan and uses conducive paper that collects charged particles from electric current transpiring naturally from the device and air. The particles get augmented by the heat of the device battery, which extends battery life and reduces charging time. It is shown to improve battery performance by 20-40 per cent.

HETTARER also helps in decreasing the high frequency of electrical devices by 90%. When these stickers are applied to the crypto-mining rigs, they can drastically increase crypto-mining efficiency. In fact, tests results showed that within a time-span of 24-hours, the sticker showed an increase of 133% in Monero data mining and a 114% increase in Monero mining rewards in 48-hours via multicurrency mining pool, MinerGate.


REBGLO L2 is a project at development phase that centres on  REBGLO Mining Boost Engine, aiming to offer a futuristic mining ware optimization. It is being designed to enhance Instructional Level Parallelisms (ILP) and Thread-Level Parallelisms (TLP) and reduce the cache memory miss penalty using cache memory algorithms.


The ecosystem powers its operation through REB tokens. It is an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token. The token sale has already been executed and the team issued 1 Billion tokens in its token sale. The tokens were distributed in the following way:-

Presale – 21%

Public Sale 5.1%

Airdrop- 20%

Advisor – 20%

Team – 25%

Bounty Program – 8.9%

The proceeds from the token sale were allocated in the following manner:-

Operations – 15%

Mining Far, – 20%

Market Expansion – 10%

Liquidity Pool- 35%

Product R&D- 15%

Market Expansion – 10%

REBGLO – Extending Innovative Energy Circulation

With an objective to eliminate the inefficiencies of the crypto-mining process, REBGLO has extended effective solutions including DTS system and HECTTARER technology.  These solutions operate to streamline the cryptocurrency mining process, making it more effective, secure, and power-efficient. The team also plans to enter into the Electric Power Business and Energy business and develop its own electric power company.

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