UNIUM Donates USD10,000 to Dolgo to Overcome Covid-19

As a social NFT project, UNIUM,​​ an influencer NFT creation project, held an Instagram posting challenge with the theme of ‘Let’s Overcome Coronavirus’ on October 26 last year.

Many users have posted their ways of overcoming pandemics.

After the challenge ended, UNIUM collected all the postings and made them as one image collage NFT product, and sold it through an auction on the marketplace.

The final winning bid among multiple bids was 3.15 WETH ($10,192.83).

All the profit was donated to the social enterprise DOLGO to be used as a fund to overcome Coronavirus.

DOLGO is a platform created by a non-profit organization, DOLGO Donation, which was established to create a transparent and sustainable operating system so that the vulnerable, who are in the blind spot of welfare, can become healthy members of society.

“This NFT is a meaningful art piece that shows our willingness and hopes to overcome Corona. Thanks to all those who participated in this great event and we hope this donation to be used to those who are vulnerable to COVID-19” Said UNIUM officials. UNIUM has raised its awareness of its blockchain technology and NFT marketplace to the public and proved transparent operation of the donation.

UNIUM is a blockchain technology-based NFT platform that gives digital assets a unique recognition value and uses NFT tokens to create and trade various content for influencers and artists. The project aims to create an ecosystem where influencers and fans can closely communicate through their products.

Along with creating influencer collaborated NFTs, UNIUM will continue to plan events or products to help socially disadvantaged individuals in 2022.

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