bitcci brings Decentralization to Sex Industry With a Transparent Ecosystem

bitcci frees the sex business from tensions and issues by establishing a new, modern culture of acceptance, transparency, trust, and self-determination. The platform will optimise, regulate, and decentralise the whole sector, as well as establish new business areas, bring cutting-edge technology, and make the industry and its players free and safe.

Swiss blockchain business bitcci was founded in 2017 by CEO Christoph Elbert and consists of a group of publicly traded enterprises. bitcci has established the standard in the escort industry by creating an ecosystem that promotes openness, innovation, and compliance. The Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) of bitcci are expected to be listed on major exchanges, giving them a secure investment. bitcci Group AG is now ready to launch the IEO on March 1, 2022. The IEO will only be offered on ten crypto exchanges. Coinsbit, Indoex, p2pb2b, Dextrade, Finexbox, and others are among the most powerful exchanges on the list. Other trades will be disclosed in the near future. All of these transactions are safe, so users don’t have to worry about their personal information falling into the wrong hands.

bitcci was a forerunner in this new period. The project will employ blockchain technology as the solid and secure foundation for a new global ecosystem for the next generation sex business. Tokenization of assets is a big element of what we do. Tokenized Assets (Securities) are created on a blockchain, such as the Ethereum Blockchain. Security is an investment instrument like stocks, bonds, funds, and so on, and tokenization transforms the rights to this asset into a digital ‘Token.’ Rather than a “physical” document, the digital token “certifies” the asset’s respective ownership.

What led bitcci to revolutionize the sex industry?

bitcci revolutionizes the sex market by tokenizing it which will benefit the end-users as a result. Nightclubs, portals, apps, cloud services, the bitcci Academy, and a blockchain-based payment system are all part of our ecosystem. bitcci has also launched other services, such as We will broadcast bitcoin – and escort news on, keeping you informed about the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, we have already placed 200 large street billboards around the Crypto Valley hotspots to attract potential investors. The bitcci Group has raised over $4 million and has over 3000 token holders after offering bitcci cash tokens in an ICO in 2021. For the future generation, we’re building a whole new sex industry based on a worldwide blockchain environment.

Adult entertainment is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, with demand increasing every year. As a result of this demand, the industry is being scrutinised more closely in order to improve transparency and compliance with data rules. bitcci created “bitcci club,” a club management software that has modern features and is GDPR compliant. Four of Switzerland’s top sauna clubs have already successfully used the club administration software. IT websites, apps, blockchain-based payment platforms, and actual nightclubs are all part of the bitcci ecosystem. bitcci Cash Token, the ecosystem’s native payment token, gives rewards to hodlers and keeps the ecosystem going.

What makes bitcci a platform of web 3.0?

bitcci seeks to implement current safety standards while adhering to local regulations. bitcci’s and bitcci Connect systems ensure transparency and GDPR compliance. is a forensic software solution that scans sex workers’ ID cards and is incorporated into bitcci Connect, an interface via which regulators can have secure and real-time access to data on sex workers and escort services within the bitcci ecosystem. bitcci is working on a website and a mobile app to safeguard the safety of the sex business. These platforms have been built with the most up-to-date features, such as video or audio calls and an integrated blockchain-based payment system.

bitcci has its own native payment token, the “bitcci Cash Token,” which is an ERC-20 token designed to enable secure payment within the bitcci ecosystem. The token was sold out in 15 days at bitcci’s private sale. The private sale netted the blockchain startup 1 million Swiss francs, which is used to develop products and create brand awareness.

bitcci Cash Token is currently available for purchase as part of a six-month initial coin offering. A total of 50 billion tokens will be sold across five rounds, with a maximum cap of 10 billion tokens. The bitcci Cash Currency will act as the payment token for the bitcci Nightclub Networks and has a variety of uses. Hodlers can get exclusive access to events and services held within the club. In addition, club owners and brothel managers can pay for the popular bitcci club software using the token. bitcci has a number of projects in the works for the coming weeks and months. From August 21, 2021, the blockchain company will launch a significant marketing campaign that will include the placement of 200 street banners in strategic locations around Switzerland’s crypto valley.

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