Why should you support MedicoHealth ?

Global healthcare expenditure continues to increase. Numbers of the elderly population in developing countries are growing. There is an expanding number of treatment options. Financial inefficiencies, regulatory burdens and operational difficulties (including infrastructure and lack of talent) are the issues, presenting the costs.

And as a person who needs a medical help – you usually have two choices: to wait or to pay. Long lines and expensive private clinics.

What if there was a different option? A modern option? Where there were no long lines, only prompt, affordable, and reliable consultation about a patient’s condition from a physician or a specialist of your choosing?

What did MedicoHealth accomplish this month?

The past month was very successful for Medicohealth project. One of our biggest challenges was opening a bank account at Deutsche Bank. More than 50 ICO’s and start-up companies applied, but only 8 were chosen – and we were among those chosen. This means we have reached and surpassed the high criteria  and definitely proved our seriousness and commitment to the project.

We have made pilot project on our platform with our strategic partners between Surgery Bitenc (data collection), Medicohealth platform and ThinkEHR! Marand and DataFund(data storage in Swarm), to create POC. We signed quite a few letters of intent with future partners including multiple insurance companies and a big pharmaceutical corporation. The mobile app is already working on our test network. We are keeping up with the timetable we set, and are even in front with some deadlines. You can read more about current development and accomplishments on https://medicohealth.io/supporters.

MedicoHealth is a solution

Medicohealth is a blockchain-based project designed to improve a fragmented healthcare system with creating a global database of anonymous medical records. It is an ecosystem for decentralized healthcare applications.

With MedicoHealth Platform, you will get all the information necessary to become an active partner in your health care. You will be able to anonymously, safe, and efficiently communicate with the world’s leading physicians. Physician credentials, together with license validity information, will be updated in an immutable decentralized database, so you will be able to choose the best physician. Your data will be anonymously stored and physician will be able to access them only if you allow them to.

MHP utility tokens

Utility tokens represent access to MH platform. MHP utility tokens can be considered more than just a contribution towards better healthcare. By creating a MHP utility token, Medicohealth grants its holders access to services it is developing. As the platform grows the limited supply of token issued will put the early contributors into a favorable position.

As a Medicohealth token holder, you have the opportunity to benefit from substantial advantages by accessing cutting edge innovative technologies. Your Medicohealth account will be way more than just a wallet or a place of storage for your token. Your Medicohealth account is your gateway to a world of new possibilities in healthcare.

Global Healthcare System

Our goal is to start the revolution in the global healthcare system. One system for all people in the world. Safe for data, safe for users. Because we believe everyone deserves the best when it comes to health. Now is your best chance. We are currently in private presale, where bonuses go from 20% and up to 50%.

Support our project and become a part of healthcare future: visit https://medicohealth.io  and learn how to support better healthcare system.

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