Apple Acknowledges Bitcoin, Adds Bitcoin Symbol To Icon Set

Little gestures as this bring exciting projects to the limelight. Since icons are part of our lives, usually a faster way to communicate using graphics (for those who are instant messaging addicts), having a bitcoin icon at people’s fingertips can bring many to learn about bitcoin.

In the recent tweet, a Twitter user informed the community about what he recently noticed. At the moment, it isn’t clear when the icon was added, but the user confirmed that the bitcoin icon is accessible on all apps on iOS devices.

Microsoft Takes The Lead

Towards the end of May, Microsoft announced that the bitcoin sign was now accessible to users of one of the company’s popular packages, Excel. Users are therefore able to easily add the bitcoin sign to their accounting records just as easy as they would add any other currency symbol.

Even much better, the latest version of the package, Excel gets real-time prices for bitcoin [btc], ethereum [eth], and ripple [xrp] cryptocurrencies.

Global Contribution To Bitcoin Adoption

The success of bitcoin depends on its global acceptance. At present, a very small percentage of the world’s population – about 1 percent – have used bitcoin one way or another. A couple more have heard but are skeptical of joining the bandwagon.

Thankfully, little gestures from bit brands like Apple and Microsoft spreads the word about bitcoin faster.

Bitcoin’s usage has continued to rise over its ten years of existence. Bitcoin can be used to purchase books online, pay web hosting fees, purchase flight tickets, and so on.

All you need do is buy bitcoin now from popular exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance and enjoy the borderless restrictions the cryptocurrency has to offer.

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