Michael Arrington Is All Bullish On XRP, And He’s A True HODLer

XRP is one cryptocurrency that has managed to stay in the headlines for a long time. That’s probably because of its relationship with Ripple. Although the crypto has been part of the market-wide up and down price action over the last few days, there are those in the XRP community who are still fiercely bullish. One of these people is Michael Arrington. Michael Arrington is the founder of TechCrunch, CrunchBase, and Arrington XRP Capital.

Longing It

As an XRP fan and big investor, Arrington is very proactive in engaging with the rest of the XRP community. His latest engagement was in response to a tweet by “The Crypto Dog” who claimed to hold a generous amount of XRP even as the markets swing about.

In response, Arrington tweeted that his company was also in possession of quite a good amount of the cryptocurrency given that most of its customers are XRP fans. Arrington went ahead to confess that he and his company were still bullish on XRP. Other Twitter users soon joined the conversation, dishing out there personal opinions about XRP as well as the larger crypto market.

He Can Cause A Bull Run

As everyone already knows, such social media conversations often involve some characters in the mood to throw in a few jokes. One user on the thread opined that if Arrington could throw in a huge sum to buy off a lot of XRP, we could see a nice price surge for the crypto.

Still, and as funny as that statement may sound in the context of the said conversation, it reminds everyone that the crypto market is still vulnerable to market manipulation. In fact, there have been claims that a lot of the recent crypto whale activity was aimed at upsetting the market. There’s an investor currently facing charges for manipulating the market to gain $15 million.

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