PlaceWar Releases Playable Demo, Rewarding Players Genesis NFT & $1,000 Prize Pool


November 24, 2021 — PlaceWar is thrilled to announce the release of its playable game demo featuring PVE Skirmish, Crafting & Adventure mode is now available for PC and Android-Google Play Store via APK along with rewarding users 50 genesis NFT tanks with a $1000 prize pool giveaway.​​

PlaceWar Game Features

NFT System — The PlaceWar has 6 NFT categories:

Tank, Equipment, Tech, Pixel, Building, Defender.

Tank: To get started, a user will have to obtain at least 3 Tanks, which can be obtained through Marketplace as NFTs.

Types of Tanks:

Medieval, Heavy Armor, Rocket Launcher, Mech Tank, and Amphibious.

Medieval: They may look clumsy and outdated, but these old-timers ain’t some expendables on the battlefield

Heavy Armor: The backbone of any tank fleet. With balanced stats, they are your most reliable pal.

Rocket Launcher: Hit your enemies from where they can’t even see you. Your best choice if you don’t want to go close-range melee combats

Mech Tank: Terminator-like futuristic tanks that are capable to strike the enemies in the most surprising way

Amphibious: Being nimble gives you a tactical edge, even more so when they are capable of handling all terrains and waters.

All tanks have 5 features that not just determine the appearance but also Stats. Using equipment can improve the stats of the 5 features.

  • Turret: determines Damage how much damage you can cause by one hit
  • Barrel: determines the Range of how far you can shoot
  • Engine: determines Mobility how far you can move each round)
  • Armor: determines Defense how much damage you may take from a hit
  • Tracks: determines Dodge Rate how likely you can dodge a hit

Tech NFT: Technology, which determines the features of a new tank in crafting and success rate in minting equipment NFTs. You can only obtain Tech NFT through battles.

Tank Crafting: The way to get new tanks. To craft a new tank, it takes 2 Tanks as the Sample Tank, a blueprint, Tech NFTs (obtained through battles), $PLACE, and $GEAR. Each new tank is algorithm generated and would have a parameter of 5 features: Damage, Range, Mobility, Defense, and Dodge Rate. The features of new Tanks are randomized based on Sample Tanks and Tech NFTs.

Equipment NFTs: Stats of a Tank can be improved by arming with Equipment NFTs: Turret, Barrel, Engine, Armor, and Tracks. Equipment NFTs can be minted from resources( non-NFT). Fail rate controlled by Tech NFT.

Pixel: The land of Placedonia players can own, choose a color to represent the pixel on the world map, construct buildings on, and put defenders to defend (Details available in Pixel System ).

Building NFTs: productive facilities that produce certain types of resources, Buff adder to tanks, or vendor shops that can sell resources.

Defenders: Defenders are the auto-defending drones of a Pixel. These defenders are NPCs so they can respond in an invasion battle automatically 24/7. Every defender is owned by the player as an NFT and the maximum deployable number of defenders is 3. If no defenders are deployed, the invaders will win instantly.

The Battle System, PVE Skirmish is the one that is featured in the playable demo is the quickstart for players to participate in tank battles. Players will need 3 Tank NFTs to start a battle.

The core gameplay is close to Worms. Players will take turns to shoot at the opponents by making moves, adjusting the shooting angle and power. The goal is to eliminate all enemies while at least one of your Tanks remains standing.

PVE Skirmish: Players will take on bosses called Pegatron, a rogue mecha tribe, with a 3-tank squad. Each tank will take turns to launch attacks on the bosses, and will have to sustain the attacks by the boss. You need to defeat the bosses and at least one tank needs to survive. Reward: $GEAR, consumables, Tech NFTs, Equipment NFTs.

Upcoming development

PlaceWar has two systems: Battle system and Pixel system. In the Battle system, you need 3 tanks NFTs to start a PVE challenge taking on NPCs, or a PVP battle against a random player. You can win a token and other rewards by winning. This is the play-to-earn element most players are familiar with. PlaceWar also has a 10 vs 10 Guild Wars which is an arena that allows users to bet on themselves using our $PLACE or $GEAR tokens in a 10 VS 10 tank battle in which the winner will take it all.

PVE and PVP will be available in V1 and V1.5 which will be launched separately in December. In the launch of V2, which is the Pixel system, PlaceWar will have Placedonia, a canvas map divided into 90k small pixel lands, where players are able to park their tanks, collect resources, construct buildings, and choose a color to represent their land on the world map, it’s a canvas map. The goal is to get users to create their own paintings.

PlaceWar will allow users to attack each other. Players can invade other pixels by challenging their defenders in a tank battle. Upon winning, players will be able to loot their unharvested resources and force change their color — make player’s pixel join another player’s painting territory. Creating a massive painting will take a lot of effort and eventually collaboration, so players have to work with other players.

PlaceWar’s mini DAOs inside the game. PlaceWar will encourage this to happen by setting a creator reward and inviting other crypto communities into the game and putting bounties to encourage players to create their logos in the game. NFT is the core asset system of PlaceWar such as equipment (the wearables), tech, and pixel, building, and defender in the pixel system too. Players will be able to customize their own best tanks and strategies to take on the player’s enemies.

Full details of the gameplay:

Rewards and Giveaway Mechanics

Alongside the release of the demo, the community will have the chance to win 50 NFT Tanks & a $1000 prize pool.

🎮 Step 1: Download and Play
🎥 Step 2: Record game (Use a screen recorder)
🐥 Step 3: Tweet and Upload the recorded clip. Flex your PlaceWar’s tanks best shot and angle gameplay on your Twitter and tag 3 friends “$PLACE, @placewar_game in the caption with your amazing comment/review”
Step 4: Make sure you fill out this form:

Good luck, Placedonians! 👏🏻 Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about PlaceWar by following our official social media handles. 💥

About PlaceWar

PlaceWar is a decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe deployed on a multi-chain with highly engaging artillery gameplay that allows players to create and define the outlook of the in-game world through building, battles, and alliances.

Inspired by Worm and r/placePlaceWar creates a gamified and open Internet culture metaverse and puts users in control. You are guaranteed a gaming experience that you’ve never seen before in any other Play-To-Earn games. We integrate battle and creation, and we make sure there is an incentive mechanism to support them both.








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